Kenneally Residence
Bend, Oregon
single family residence
5152 sqft
Timberline Construction, Elemental Engineering, River Roofing,
Pedini of Seattle
Oregon Home Magazine - 2012,,


Lot 108 has a prominent location in the Tetherow golf development featuring spectacular views of and from the golf course as well as desirable views of the distant landscape.  These features combined with our client’s demands for a variety of living spaces with varied degrees of privacy, formal and informal concerns and clear distinctions between workplace and play space armed the project with a long list of things the building needs to achieve.  Through in-depth site analysis, we were able to manage and prioritize these factors and create a building design that is intensely specific to its site and its occupants as well as sensitive to the environment.

It was most inspiring for us to see how this golf course is naturally nestled into the uniform topography, pine trees and lava flows of the high dessert.  With this in mind, it became incredibly important for us to create a building that is appropriate in scale and height to the surrounding contours and allow the landscape to permeate the building as much as possible.  These observations, informed by the site and program analysis shaped the building around the “lone tree” on the site and created a partially enclosed courtyard.  The proposed use of earthborn, local materials further stitches the building to this specific place.

Photos by Ty Milford